Anemia Management is Hard

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Strategic Anemia Advisor

SAA is an algorithm that determines a patient's unique response to ESA and recommends ESA doses to keep that patient within Hb target range.

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Clinics That Use SAA See Results


Reduction in outlier Hb levels


Decrease in ESA Utilization
Less time spent managing anemia

How SAA Works


Reads patient’s past Hb levels and ESA doses


AI creates individualized drug response profile


Control algorithm predicts Hb trajectory 3 months out


Control algorithm outputs dose recommendation to keep patient within specified Hb target range


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Costs you


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if you save money

SAA delivers data-driven insights to enhance clinical decision-making.

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Researched and clinically tested

SAA was developed over 10 years of research at the University of Louisville.

The research team studied different AI-driven approaches to anemia management while developing SAA.

A Level Up on Paper Protocols

Paper protocols dose patient populations. We can help you dose individual patients.

With granular patient data, we can enhance your existing anemia management program with a simple, cost-free, and quick implementation.

SAA is a Clinical Decision Support tool and not subject to FDA clearance.